tisdag 30 november 2010

omg im so tired right nowwww

umm steps for corruptedm will post bigger picture of the final (ill just call it final, deadline in 5-6 days lol)

ideation for shadow, got my base ready, now i just need to add all the final gear / look and render it...

torsdag 25 november 2010

more dominance war stuff

dump some shit

think i finally know what i want to do

måndag 22 november 2010

on a cold dark winter night... lol

dominance war 5 first dump lololol

1: war general process, started with silhouette, didnt work for shit. Tried some lines, didn't feel right, did some more thumbnails and ended up with one that i liked :)

2: shadow process, tried finding a good pose for him, was rather tricky, just didn't know what to do with his damn legs XD so now he's standing in a sorta weird way.

3: blocking in said war general thumb in color, no real detail work yet just trying to get the values in the right places (see thumbnail for an idea of how details should look in the end)
so, nothing is final yet (color choices or values etc)

4: "final" lines (ill add rest of the details in the rendering, for example his armor etc)
for the shadow character, might change up the pose a bit while rendering, think this will work as a base.

lördag 6 november 2010

i've learned something, never work like this again...

2 pics that were supposed to be quick lineart practice on drawing girl faces.

"i'll just add some values, ill just add some color, i might aswell give them bodies etc etc"

hence the sorta awkward placement of the warrior girl whateversheissupposedtobe.

I drew these without any real construction underneath, which leads to loads and loads of repainting stuff. That fucking sucks, and it's a huge time-sink so im never gonna work like this againnnn.