torsdag 7 november 2013

bigg dumpp 1

OH GOD i've been slacking off with updating again, surprise surprise! So here's about 50 pics all from sketches to more finished stuff :D To avoid these big horrible dumps, ill make sure to update more often! hahaa

Some kinda ghost armor warrior. I think i have like 10 variations on that head.. lol

 A weird cloudbuilt fanart, dark future version lol

 Budget ron perlman starring in a cheesy swords n sandals fantasy movie, or something haha.

 2 cyberpunk pics inspired by mitch murder and a short description from my bro.

 5 pics for the IFX competition:

 marine in the city, aint too happy with it.



unfinished abandoned shit.. lol

 Everythings ruined:

 Sketch paintings:

 studies, not really helmet studies- it was more about trying out a certain process than trying to learn about helmets lol.

couple o sketches, im trying to get better at character design but its really difficult lol

 3 ships i didnt even recall painting, haha!

 Did a few acrylics tests, pretty funny. Need to work bigger probably.